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⊕ Will the SIM card work in any cellphone?

If it is a GSM unlocked cellular phone capable of using LTE Bands 2,4 and 12, it will work.

⊕ Can I use my phone as a hotspot?

Yes. We recommend that you use WIFI, however, or the data will be consumed unnecessarily and your data could be throttled back until full unlimited data is available.

⊕ What kind of coverage should I expect?

The SIM card works in the USA and customers may call out to over 92 countries. Our 4G LTE service runs on the largest nationwide GSM network.

⊕ Can I keep my same number or do I need a new number

Yes, you may have a new number or you may keep your same number. You must purchase the "KEEP YOUR SAME NUMBER" product in order to transfer your number from your old carrier.

⊕ What is your return policy?

From the date of SIM card activation, our customers have nine (9) days to determine if they are completely satisfied or prefer a refund. See our full return policy located here: Return Policy.

⊕ What happens after 5 years? After

5 years of service, customers may purchase a new SIM card for initial purchase price. Don't worry, though, we will provide advance notice to the customer via their email address, when 5 year mark approaches.

⊕ What if my phone is stuck in a contract with my current carrier?

Contact your carrier to learn what the cost is to get out of your contract. There may be a penalty if you are under a current contract, but it could be a nominal cost and worthwhile to pay to stop having monthly charges continue with your current carrier.

⊕ Can I opt out of advertising?

No, you cannot opt out of advertising, but you will not see any more advertising than you saw on your previous service. It will be seamless to you.

⊕ If I lose my phone with my SIM card inside, can I get it replaced?

You may purchase a replacement SIM card for $30. Re-order your replacement SIM card HERE or call our Customer Care team at (800) 662-4604.

⊕ How do I know if I have to unlock my phone?

Every phone is different, be sure to check with your carrier. When you put a new SIM card in your existing phone and power it back on, you will be greeted with a dialog box telling you to enter an unlock code if your phone is SIM locked to your current carrier.

⊕ Will the SIM Card work in a cellular tablet?

If it is a GSM unlocked cellular tablet capable of using LTE Bands 2,4 and 12, it will work.

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